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blfinfo - display information from ERP bin list file


blfinfo blf_name


blfinfo prints information from blf_name to stdout (the screen, unless you redirect the output). The information is grouped by Condition Code, and includes a list of all bins and their bin descriptions for each Condition Code, as well as the number of events for each bin. At the end of the output is a summary of the total number of conditions, the total number of bins, the total number of events that go in one or more bins, and the total number of events from the log file.

Here is an example of the output of blfinfo:

Condition 0: Cals
  Bin  Events   Bin Header
  ---  ------   ----------
  0        19   cals                                    
Condition 0     1 bin
Condition 1: Study-Test
  Bin  Events   Bin Header
  ---  ------   ----------
  1       140   Image-studied words                     
  2       135   Sylla-studied words                     
Condition 1     2 bins
TOTALS: 2 Conditions   3 bins   294 of 2448 events

See Also

cdbl(1) , normerp(1) , avg(1)


blfinfo attempts to note any problems with the bin list file blf_name, and prints the line number followed by a descriptive error message if problems are encountered.


None yet reported.


Ron Ohst

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