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cavsp - continuous auditory/visual stimulus presentation (ERP DOS programs)


cavsp Use and Reference Manual
Ronald Ohst
Cognitive Science Department
University of California, San Diego


cavsp is no longer available on the DOS machines. However, this manual is still relevant because the successor to cavsp, stimpres(2) , is functionally similar and the stimpres(2) manual was written as an extension to this (and the vvsp(2) ) manual. Hopefully someday the manuals will be properly merged into one.


cavsp is an extension of the vvsp(2) stimulus presentation program. In order to understand cavsp you must understand vvsp(2) . This manual is intended to be brief, and only describes the additional functionality not described in the vvsp(2) documentation.

New Image Type

The only difference between cavsp and vvsp(2) is that cavsp introduces a new basic image type: audio.

See Also

vvsp(2) , stimpres(2)

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