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critoppm - convert CRI file (ERP Compressed Raster Image) to PPM (Portable Pixel Map)


critoppm critoppm crifile ppmfile [-pal palfile]


critoppm converts a CRI file to Portable PixMap file. The CRI format is used by the vvsp(2) program for ERP stimulus presentation. The PPM format is a widely available graphics format, and a number of programs are available to convert from the PPM format to many of the other popular file formats. Thus, with the critoppm program, one should be able to easily convert CRI files to a number of industry standard graphics files by first converting the CRI file to PPM. See the man page for PPM(1) for more information on the PPM format, and available conversion programs.

crifile is the name of the CRI file you wish to convert. crifile can be ’-’ to indicate that the stdin should be read in order to facilitate the use of critoppm as part of a UNIX pipe. ppmfile Is the name of the PPM file to be created. If ppmfile already exists critoppm asks for permission to overwrite it. ppmfile can be ’-’ in which case, critoppm writes it output to the stdout stream in order to facilitate the use of critoppm as part of a UNIX pipe. The -pal option directs critoppm to use palfile for color definitions in the crifile. If the -pal option is not specified, critoppm will use the default vvsp(2) palette. (Note that you may view and edit the default palette with the editvpal program).


-pal palfile
critoppm will use the palette file palfile to determine the color values for Red/Green/Blue to use in the ppmfile.


Let’s say you have a CRI file called pict1.cri, it uses a palette file called pict1.pal, and you would like to create a PCX file from it. You would first convert it to a PPM file, and then use the utility program ppmtopcx to create the PCX file from the ppm file. You could do this in a UNIX pipe like this:

critoppm pict1.cri - -pal pict1.pal | ppmtopcx > pict1.pcx


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Ron Ohst

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