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garv - get artifact rejection values for an ERP data file


garv presampling rawfile logfile [options]


garv can be used to display a raw data file or to calibrate an arf file (artifact rejection function file) for use with avg(1) . presampling is the total desired prestimulus period, so if one desires 200 msec presampling and there is already a 75 msec onset delay, type in 200 - an additional 125 msec period of pre-trigger epoch will be retained. Data is displayed on the color monitor.


-a arf_file
Apply the artifact rejections test contained in arf_file to the data in each trial and print the values. Otherwise, garv simply displays the raw trials.

-c chanprec
Increase # of points per epoch to 256*chanprec. Currently chanprec is limited to 2.

-r dec_factor
Decrease the sampling rate of the data (decimate) by an integral factor of dec_factor as they are extracted from the raw file.


After the first trial has been displayed and the A.R. tests applied (if any), garv enters the command mode and waits for the user to type in one of the following:

+     Double display magnification.
-     Halve display magnification.
nn    Skip nn (numeric decimal integer) trials.
d c1, c2, c3, ... Display only channels numbered c1, c2, c3, etc.
a     Print all A.R. test results.
v N   Advance to next event # N.
p     Print only the first offending A.R. test.
P     Print a copy of the current screen on the laserjet printer.
h     Print a summary of the commands available.
e     Exit.
s     Skip to next rejected trial.

Except for the s (skip to next reject), advance nn (skip nn records), h (help), and e (exit) commands, the requested mode is retained until another which supersedes it is given. A single blank line (i.e. a return alone) is interpreted as a "skip 0 trials", or advance to the next record. In fact, garv is normally used to step through single trials by simply hitting return.

The program exits upon encountering an end of file on the raw file, an e command, or any fatal signal.

See Also

dig(2) , avg(1) , avg_manual(7) , garv_manual(7) , erp_overview(7)

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