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logcat2 - convert ERP log files to ascii text on the standard output (ERP scripts)


logcat2 logfilename -srate samplingrate [-quiet]


logcat2 prints the fields evtno, evtcode, condition code, total clock ticks, total time, and delta time (the time between the last event and the present event) from the ERP logfile using the sampling rate (in Hz) specified by -srate to calculate timing. logcat2 essentially duplicates the functionality of log2ascii(1) , except it sends output to standard output rather than a file so the output can be piped directly to another program, and it has the capability to omit comments in the output (see the -quiet option).


Specifies to print no column headers at the start of the output. This can be helpful if the ascii output is being fed down a pipe to another script.

Return Value

Whatever perl returned after running the script.


logcat2 filename.log -srate 250 > filename.asc

logcat2 audwm001.log -srate 500 -quiet | otherprogram


logcat2 requires Perl 5.000 or any higher numbered version to run, but should run correctly on any platform that will run Perl. Even on a Macintosh, amazingly enough.


None known.

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Jonathan W. King

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