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logexam - examine an ERP log file


logexam logfile srate


logexam is a utility used to examine a logfile produced by dig(2) . It can be used to list log entries, summarize log events, or summarize the condition codes that were employed in an experiment. The sampling rate srate in Hz must be provided as this information is not contained in the log file, but is obtained from the header of the associated raw file using headinfo(1) .

Once logexam has been successfully invoked, the following commands can be used:

list nstart nstop
List entries from item nstart to nstop.

Summarize condition codes in the file by printing their
beginning and ending item numbers and times.

se cc[opt]

Summarize the number of each event in a particular
condition code (if cc specified) or in the entire file.

file logfilename
Close current logfile and open logfilename for


Print a brief summary such as this.

Except for the scc and se commands, note that only the first letter of the command need be typed.

See Also

headinfo(1) , erp_overview(7) ,

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