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median - calculate the median of a set of integers (ERP statistics)


median [ -f ] [ -n maxnums ] [ -p numparts ]


median displays the median of a set of integers. The data are entered on standard input and separated by blanks, tabs, or newlines. The median is displayed on standard output. Double-sized floats can be used instead of integers if the -f option is used. If there is a tie (i.e. an even number of data), the larger of the two tied values is displayed. A default maximum of 2000 values is allowed, but this can be increased with the -n maxnums option. The data can be split into numparts different segments with the -p numparts option. For example, if numparts=4, the data will be split into quartiles, and the 3 values at the borders of the quartiles will be displayed.

See Also

chisquar(1) , freqdist(1) , mean(1) , mnsdse(1) , relu(1) , zscore(1)


Steve Luck

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