University of California, San Diego

Cognitive Science 91: SCANS Presents

Fall Quarter 2012
Wed 3:00-3:50 pm; CSB 003

(to Marta Kutas' courses)

Instructor: Prof. Marta Kutas
Office: CSB 155
Cognitive Electrophysiology Lab: CSB 103-105
Phone: 858-534-7450


Oct 3 Tyler Marghetis Metaphor, mathematics, and embodied cognition
Oct 10 Kaya de Barbaro 12 Month Social Revolution Coordination: A Longitudinal Investigation
Oct 17 Katherine de Long Using context to predict the future: Brainwave studies of anticipatory language comprehension
Oct 24 Luke Miller Use a tool change your body: How tool use modulates mental body representations
Oct 31 Victor Minces/Alex Khalil Gamelan Project, exploring the relationship between rhythm and cognition
Nov 7 Ben Cipollini What is Human?: From Software to Synapses to the African Savanna
Nov 14 Nadir Weibel On Pen, Paper, Desks and Walls: A Journey on Deploying Interactive Technology in the Wild
Nov 28 Brendan Allison Brain-computer interfaces: different approaches for existing and new users."
Dec 5 Arielle Borovsky What's she going to say next? How children use world knowledge to interpret sentences in real time.


You are required to: 1) attend all meetings, 2) do a brief (paragraph) e-mail assignment after class.

What if you miss a lecture? Please try not to miss lectures. However, if you do miss a lecture, you will be asked to "make up" for it either by participating in an experimental study, and e-mailing me a note explaining what the study was about and what questions you thought it examined, or by attending another related talk on campus and sending me an e-mail note about the talk. Alternatively, you may participate in two experiments without any write-up.

What about the assignment? E-mail me a few sentences about each talk you heard before the next class meeting - i.e., while it is still fresh in your mind. You can comment on the general topic, what you thought of the talk, the methodology/methodologies discussed, or alternatively anything specific that caught your attention or made you think. Its length is up to you, but please write a few thoughtful, and coherent sentences. You will be required to comment on every week's talk.

Make sure you write what you think. Plagiarism and cheating will not be tolerated.

Most importantly, sit back and enjoy the SCANS Presents' tour of topics in Cognitive Science!


UCSD Cognitive Science Department

Neurosciences Graduate Program Seminar Series - Some excellent speakers come from all around the US for these talks which are Tuesdays at 4:00 pm in CNCB Large Conference Room.

Center for Research in Language Talks - Tuesdays at 4:00 pm, CSB 280, these talks are about language research, broadly speaking. The topics vary: Neuropsychological, neuroimaging, theoretical, developmental, psycholinguistic, sociolinguistic, computational, anthropological, etc... Check for cancellations (you may need to join the e-mail list - if you join you can also receive abstracts of each week's talks).

Center for Human Development Seminars - Fridays 11am to noon, AP&M 4301. If you want to obtain the schedule join the mailing list, or check back on the website for updates.

UCSD Artificial Intelligence Research Seminars - Mondays 12:10-1pm, CSE 4140. you can hear UCSD AI researchers presenting their recent work. (Check the schedule or join the e-mail list for up to date information).

Experiment Participation This web page allows you to log onto the Psychology Department's Sona System to sign up for experiments.

Kutas lab meetings - Mondays 3:30 - 5:30pm, Cognitive Science Building Rm 280. These talks are about electrical, magnetic, hemodynamic and/or behavioral studies of human information processing - including attention, memory, language, movement, etc.

There are also relevant talks in the Psychology Department and The Salk Institute.