New Years Wishes 2011

May 2011 bring us all mega-doses of natural, organic, home-grown kindness
to counter social, political, and economic blindness
and ever-growing torrential currents mindless, malicious or shallow.
Maturity to counter callow.
Furious green ideas to counter fallow mind fields.
Resounding echoes of neighborly yabadabadoo yields we can wield with a smile.
At least a few moments we can while away every day.
Friendships without borders — next door and internationally.
Everyone not only thinking but thinking rationally.
A year in which all hallow fairness with open-eyed awareness.
A year in which all hallow equality, tranquility, and sanity
rediscovering a do-unto-others-with-compassion-and-empathy mentality.
A year in which we wallow we-deep in giving not taking
in forgiving not forsaking
in living not faking
in re-making our one of a kind world anew
doing well by all not just a select few.