Budget zero

Don’t cut me!

Don’t you see?

I’m the epitome

so whatever you must cut

leave but

…for my stuff

‘nough said

Come on …

just cut someone else instead.



Or mothers to be

Anyone that isn’t me

Old and infirm

Go ahead make their cuts perm

why should I care

let’em squirm

(maybe they’ll try harder

to fill their larder.)

No need to be fair

No need to be just or kind

In fact, better to be blind

or thoughtless

Go ahead

Don’t be a fool

Use the “someone else instead” rule

just don’t mess with me and mine

and I will guarantee that all will be peachy keen — just fine…

until it’s not

and we all find ourselves suffering the same lot

in the same sinkin’ stinkin’ #$%@in’  boat

the instead scapegoat bled dry

and we’re all left with zero to multiply.