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logpoke - alter an ERP log file


logpoke logfile start_item stop_item -d | -u | -cc ccode


logpoke allows the experimenter to alter log files to correct run time errors or machine malfunctions (glitches). Currently logpoke can be used to delete events, "undelete" events, or to set condition codes with one of the following:

-d mark items as deleted
-u "undelete" deleted items
-cc ccode set condition code

One situation in which logpoke can come to the rescue occurs when the experimenter forgets to change the condition code while running. If it is possible to determine which events comprise the erroneous entries in the log file (using logexam), logpoke can be used to remedy the error. Assume, for example, that events with item numbers (ordinal positions) between 4627 and 4935 (inclusive) should have been under condition code 3. This can be fixed with:
logpoke logfile 4627 4935 -cc 3

Another common use of logpoke is to delete events which could not be deleted while running. If one wished to delete items 33 through 254 (inclusive), one could use logpoke thus:

logpoke logfile 33 254 -d

Note that the wise experimenter makes a backup copy of the logfile before using logpoke, in case a slip of the finger occurs....


One should know what one is doing when altering log files. Most data processing programs rely on log files for critical parameters and can ruin the data if they are improperly tampered with.

See Also

logexam(1) , makelog(1) , remapccs(1) , erp_overview(7)

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