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ssplot - single subject plot of ERP data


ssplot plot_device filelist -chan chan -bins bin1 [bin2 bin3 ...] [options]


ssplot plots to plot_device one page containing plots for the specified chan and bin(s) for each of the ERP average files specified in filelist. This might be useful, for example, when seeing something interesting in one of the channels of a 26 channel plot of a grand average, and then wanting to see that single channel plotted for each of the individual subjects to get an indication of variability.

plot_device is any of the plot devices that can be used by the ploterps(1) program (i.e. xwin, fortel, etc.). filelist is an ascii text file that lists ERP average files, one per line, typically (but not necessarily) with the grand average at the top and subject averages below. Channel, bin, and experiment descriptions for the plot are taken from the first file in the list.

ssplot uses ploterps(1) to create temporary ’save’ file plots for each average file and finally uses multiplot(1) to plot all the saved files on one page.


The options are identical in function to their ploterps(1) counterparts:

-baseline start stop
Specifies the beginning and ending latencies (in ms relative to stimulus onset) for the interval used to determine the baseline voltage for each plot. The default is to baseline using the presampling period to calculate the baseline voltage.

Specifies to not subtract a baseline voltage from the data before plotting.

-scale uVolts
Specifies the scaling to be applied to the data. uVolts is a floating point number which specifies the number of microvolts to span one half of the vertical space allotted to each data trace.

-filter filtertype cutoff [cutoff]
Filter the data before plotting it. filtertype may be "lp" for lowpass, "hp" for highpass, or "bp" for bandpass. cutoff is the cutoff frequency to use for the filter. If a bandpass filter is used, both a low and high cutoff frequency must be specified.

-timewindow start_time end_time
Specifies the epoch start and end times (in ms).



See Also

ploterps(1) , multiplot(1)

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