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log2asci - create an ascii version of an ERP log file


log2asci logfile asciifile [-d srate]


log2asci creates an ascii version of logfile and calls it asciifile. This file can then be edited with an ascii editor such as vi and converted into a new log file with the program asci2log(1) . This is an easy way to modify flags or condition codes in a log file, and is especially useful in cases where post-eeg collection data is to be used as bin selection criteria when averaging the data.

The ascii file has one line for each event in the log file with the item number, event number, condition code, logging flags, and time in terms of sample clock ticks.


-d srate
Also display in the asciifile times and delta times in seconds, by providing the sampling rate srate in Hz. The sampling rate must be specified because this information is not present in the log file, but is obtained from the header of the associated raw file using a program such as headinfo(1) .

Note that the program asci2log only uses the event number, condition code, logging flag, and sample clock ticks in the process of creating a log file.

See Also

asci2log(1) , logcat2(6) , logexam(1) , logrt(1)


Ronald Ohst

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