Kutas Cognitive Electrophysiology Lab







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University of California
San Diego
Main Campus
Cognitive Science Bldg
Room 105


Univ of Calif, San Diego
(addressee), Kutas Lab
Cognitive Science Dept
9500 Gilman Dr. # 0515
La Jolla CA 92093-0515


The Kutas Lab is located on the main campus of the University of California, San Diego, in La Jolla, California. We are in room 105 of the Cognitive Science Building, just west of the Geisel library and Price Center & Bookstore. Our telephone number is 858-534-2440 and our email address is kutaslab@ucsd.edu. Room 105 is at ground level at the NW corner of CSB, the corner nearest to Solis Hall. The doors to the lab are locked but people are usually around during the day ...

... (and sometimes evening) to let you in when you knock. Try knocking first at room 105; if there is no answer you may also try knocking at rooms 103 and 102 as the lab occupies these rooms as well.

UC San Diego

Department of Cognitive Science

Campus map showing Cognitive Science Building

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US Postal Mailing Address:

University of California, San Diego
(Name of Recipient), Kutas Lab
Cognitive Science Dept
9500 Gilman Drive #0515
La Jolla CA 92093-0515

Shipping Address:

UCSD 534-2440
(Name of Recipient), 0515
Cognitive Science Bldg Room #139
7835 Trade St. Suite 100
San Diego CA 92121

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